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Collectively, our core team includes doctoral level providers with unique specializations and areas of expertise to help you on your journey toward improved well-being.

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We don’t need it to be a secret on how we help you. Here’s our outline of how we connect you to a provider:

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We match you to one of our providers based on specialty and your schedule

You are given access to our online portal to complete forms that your provider will read BEFORE your visit. This way, they already have some background when you meet them

Nearly all (98%) of our clients are satisfied after the first encounter and go on to follow-up with the same psychologist within 1-2 weeks. But don’t worry, we will always ask if you are satisfied and make changes as needed

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If you are a doctoral level psychologist with a passion for clinical care, join our team and help us provide top tier mental health in our community. We also have training opportunities for postdoctoral fellows and advanced doctoral students. Get in touch to learn more.

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In today's world, no one is immune from stress and mental health concerns. There's no reason to wait! We offer the highest qualified professionals using science and compassion to help you reach your goals!

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