Before Your Visit

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Congratulations! By now we hope you’ve contacted us and taken the first step (if not, click here…you can do this)! If you are feeling nervous about meeting with your psychologist, that’s completely normal. Your psychologist understands and will use that first appointment to make you feel at ease, answer your questions, learn about you, and offer you hope by recommending a plan specific to you.

If your appointment is in person and you are not feeling well, please message us on your Therapy Portal account. We will still see you online in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Therapy Portal Video Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to use the Therapy Portal, exclusively for Psychology Express users.

This tutorial goes over how to find the link to login, where your registration forms are located, how to request an appointment, how to use the messaging center, and more.

New Client Checklist

Please review this checklist if you’re a new client!

  • Wait for an email from Therapy Portal. If you do not see one, call the main line at 651-505-3273.
  • Complete your registration on the Therapy Portal. Review the video above if you need help!
  • When submitting your insurance form, please include a photo of the front and back of your card.
  • Our clinic requires a card on file to collect deductibles/copays. See the insurance/pricing page for more information.
  • Have any other questions? Message us directly on the Therapy Portal! 

The First Step
Is the Hardest

In today's world, no one is immune from stress and mental health concerns. There's no reason to wait! We offer the highest qualified professionals using science and compassion to help you reach your goals!

New/Former Client Current Client