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Our Story

As a leader in the mental health field, Dr. Paquin left the large healthcare systems to develop a clinic dedicated to making quality psychological care available to people seeking help. Psychology Express was established in 2017 (pre-COVID) dedicated to expanding the reach of quality mental health services via the use of telehealth.

Post-COVID, as telehealth has become the norm, Psychology Express has focused on recruiting the best psychologists to provide the highest level of mental health care in MN and the U.S.

Finally, our history would be incomplete without mention of Maria Almanzar, the Director of Operations. Dr. Paquin and Maria previously spent years leading a large hospital-based system and built what was arguably the most successful psychology program at the time in the state. In 2022, Maria and Dr. Paquin partnered again with the vision of delivering the highest quality of care (using doctoral level psychologists) to care for clients throughout MN, WI, and the U.S.

The Heart of Psychology Express

Dr. Amelia (Mia) Paquin

PhD, LP | CEO, Psychologist

About Dr. Paquin
Maria Almanzar

Director of Operations

About Maria

Clinic Coordinator

About Hailey
Dr. Ken Abrams

PhD, LP | Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Abrams
Dr. Joan Chemarum

PsyD | Postdoctoral Fellow

About Dr. Chemarum
Dr. Amber Ehrlich

PhD, LP | Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Ehrlich
Ashley Orchard

MFT, LMFT | Marriage and Family Therapist

About Ashley
Dr. Emily Sander

PsyD, LP | Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Sander
Dr. Michelle Sherman

PhD, LP, ABPP | Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Sherman
Dr. Margit Swanson

PsyD, LP | Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Swanson
Dr. Tori Zengel Mora

PhD | Postdoctoral Fellow
Habla Español

About Dr. Zengel Mora
Dr. Scott Hanneman

PhD | LP Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Hanneman
Dr. Kate Van Pay

PhD, LP | Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Van Pay

Psychology Express Additional Providers

Dr. Victoria Peterson-Hilleque

PsyD | Postdoctoral Fellow

About Dr. Peterson-Hilleque
Dr. Josh Pearl

Postdoctoral Fellow

About Dr. Pearl
Dr. Mattilan Martin

PsyD | Postdoctoral Fellow

About Dr. Martin
Dr. Melissa Schill

PhD | Postdoctoral Fellow

About Dr. Schill
Amanda Janke

Doctoral Student | St. Mary’s University

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Psychology Express Therapy Support Dogs

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The First Step
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In today's world, no one is immune from stress and mental health concerns. There's no reason to wait! We offer the highest qualified professionals using science and compassion to help you reach your goals!

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