Everyday Surprises!

Change is incredibly hard for most of us, even when it is something we hoped or even prayed for. Change provokes all sorts of emotions – worry, grief, anger… Close your eyes for a moment and repeat to yourself the word “SURPRISE!” How does that feel in your body? Exciting? Interesting? Now, take a deep breath and try it again, but this time with the word “STRESS!” Feels different, right? Heavy? Scary? Depressing? Overwhelming? The way that we label change as it happens is important. Skeptical? We get it. Many of us have been in meetings where bosses, not well versed in change transitions, have talked to us about how certain changes (pay cuts, increased productivity standards, layoffs, and the like) are “opportunities” they are handing us. This is disingenuous and feels manipulative. In these situations, the purpose of this reframe is to help management feel less guilty about the chaos and difficulties inflicted on employees. In this situation, what employees need is honesty, genuineness, and empathy. Still, can reframes help? In our daily lives we are faced with everyday changing circumstances that are not as life altering. There is an unexpected road closure, it rains when you had planned to be outdoors, you forgot your lunch, your kid wakes up sick… None of these situations feel good as they are happening but we all can relate as these sorts of things happen every day. The stress that comes with change can cumulatively add up and if not responded to, take us down. Reactions of anger, rumination, or even ignoring the situation create physiological changes in our body putting us at risk for mental health concerns. TODAY, try coping with the unexpected by reframing the change as “a SURPRISE,” and observe how that simple reframe in your thinking can help you move forward and adapt quicker to these everyday changes. As always, we are here! To schedule with a doctoral level expert, call us at 651-505-3273 or email info@psychologyexpress.org If you are experiencing a psychiatric crisis, call 988