College Exam Stress in 2023

Stressing for college exams? Are you prepared? College stress levels can be at an all-time high this time of the year. With it being mid-term exam season, how do you know it’s time to get some help?

Difficulty concentrating, irritability or low mood, unmotivated, fatigue, having less fun than normal, changes in appetite or sleep? Find out if you may be suffering from depression or seasonal affective disorder.

Feeling on edge, difficulty relaxing, worrying, insomnia, panicky? Find out if you are suffering from anxiety.

College students are more prone to depression and anxiety than ever. With multiple deadlines, students can feel incredibly stressed out with balancing work, school, relationships, and determining their future. Being overly stressed out may lead to other factors such as loss of sleep, less physical exercise, and less of taking care of yourself. College exam stress can lead to multiple factors, and students should have the right stress management tools. But why is college stress even higher in 2023?

The APA (American Psychological Association) reported that today’s college students may also have higher levels of stress due to increased mass violence and economic turmoil. With the current world and nationwide events, students may feel increased stress.

Harvard also reported that high stress levels in college students are related with “mental health diagnoses, self-harm and suicidality.” The first step to getting help is always the hardest. It can be difficult managing stress alone, but experts are ready to help stress management and other diagnoses.

With the increased demand in mental health services, some colleges are unable to provide consistent services for everyone. At Psychology Express, we are able to connect you with doctoral level providers to ensure you get the expert care you deserve. Together, we will help you understand your symptoms and develop an individualized care plan to help you.

Psychology Express offers flexible in-person or online care. We service the Twin Cities and Hastings’ areas, as well as most U.S. states through telehealth (find which states here).

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If you are experiencing a life threatening mental health emergency, please dial 988 because you DO matter.